The Freshest Choice

Complete Nutrition

Made with recognizable ingredients such as flaked fish and shredded chicken

Superfood Inclusions

Pumpkin to help support healthy digestion and cranberries, a natural source of vitamins and antioxidants

Grain Free

No corn, soy, potatoes, rice or wheat

Carrageenan Free

Free from carrageenan and other harmful additives

Wholesome Recipes

Baby Bluebell’s Chicken and Pumpkin

Entrée in broth

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L’il Violet’s Tuna, Pumpkin & Tilapia

Entrée in broth

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Sister Rose’s Tuna, Pumpkin & Ocean Whitefish

Entrée in broth

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Sweet Ivy’s Chicken and Sweet Potato

Entrée in broth

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Petite Cuisine Variety Pack

Also Available in a Variety Pack

4 Flavors, 3 Each

Where to Buy

Check out your nearest Target store for Petite Cuisine!

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