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Petite Cuisine is proud to introduce our new grilled tuna all natural cat food treats.

With all natural, human grade ingredients, our natural cat food products have an incredible taste that your cat will beg for. These are all white meat, skipjack tuna filets that are hand cut and hand grilled. They are moist, not dry like other cat treats so your cat will actually want to eat them. Eco-safe fishing is used to provide our grilled tuna. Our suppliers do not fish for 4 months of the year in order to allow tuna stocks to rebuild. All our products are Dolphin safe as certified by the Earth Island Institute.

We practice socially responsible employment and enviornmental policies---our grilled tuna supplier gives priority to heads of families to hire and provides them with subsidized food and other support; they also provide secondary treatment of waste water prior to disposing of it. This provides an enviornmentally neutral waste from the production process.
Petite Cuisine Appetizers are new, unique and the finest all natural cat food treat meal available  These treats just won the prestigious Pet Product News International and Cat Fancy Editor's Choice Award for 2012! We use only the finest ingredients-- chunk light style tuna only, with exotic and great tasting additions like salmon, swordfish, and egg whites. Our all natural cat foods are also a great solution if you need GMO Free, low carb cat food, gluten free cat food or sensitive stomach cat food.

If you are looking for the best cat food remember our all natural cat food and treats are also competitively priced. Compare our all natural cat food to Fancy Feast Appetizers and you'll see what we mean!

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